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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> welcome to newsday on the bbc. dodge the headlines this hour. >> chaos and confusion in greece. could there be a new coalition government? >> i think we should appreciate the different national position. this could be the beginning of a new political culture for all of us. >> the crisis overshadows the g-27 as they try to focus on the world economy. >> 3 pakistan these are sent to prison for taking part in a betting scam. government tanks and bombarded the city. >> broadcasting to the words on pbs in america and around the
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world. this is "newsday. >> after a day of endless twists and turns, greece could be moving towards a new coalition government. that is the word from the greek prime minister's office. they will start talks with the opposition on friday where he faces a vote of confidence in parliament. his controversial plan for referendum has been dropped. for the latest from athens, here is mathew price. >> in the greek parliament, they are waiting and watching, fear about how -- where the country is taken. >> going from one moment to another. >> the prime minister is clinging on to power.
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his motion to have a referendum provoked this crisis. today, he suggested it was just a political ploy. >> had revived people and created a positive shock with bolick -- positive results in this country. i think we should appreciate in different national position. i hope it can be the beginning of a new political culture for all of us. >> some suggest that the deal is being discussed in return for dropping a referendum, a new coalition government will be formed. the opposition leader is still gunning for the prime minister. >> i am wondering, the euro, the international stock markets, his own party, so that he can
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blackmail me and the great public -- greek public? >> rumors persisted that the prime minister was about to step down. whether they wanted more austerity in return for more than 100 billion euros and a 50% write-down for the privately held greek debt. >> i have not seen reaction by members of his parliamentary group and also key ministers that have expressed their views today for him to remain as prime minister. >> in this country is already on its knees. the legal system is paralyzed. businesses are shut down. what is happening inside the greek parliament right now is taking europe to the brink. nobody in athens and those who will be running the country in the next 24 hours let alone the
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coming months. while there is political uncertainty, there can be no solution to presuppose the economic problems. economic problems. time seems to be running out for the prime minister. there is a confidence vote in his government tomorrow. they have already lost confidence in greece elsewhere. >> the latest developments in athens have overshadowed of the richest nations, the g-20 taking place in the south of france. the french president sarkozy said that they could not express -- the crisis was the most important task facing the summit. stephanie has this report. >> you have seen this picture before.
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the leaders of the world's largest economies getting together for a chin-wag. but we have not seen is the sum that hijacked by a country not even in the club. this is not how president sarkozy planned the summit. >> there is no surprise we spent most of the conversation focused on strengthening the global economic recovery hopes that we are creating jobs for our people and the stabilizing the financial markets around the world. the most important aspect is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. >> the set change came late last and they suggested that greece could lead lehigh -- leave the euro. the bottom line was, we want to end, but you have to watch it,
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too. -- we want you in, but you have to want it, too. >> there are a certain number of rules, the bedrock of the solidarity path. it is up to the greeks if they decide to continue on this road with us or not. >> if the euro explodes, europe explodes. they kept getting interrupted by the latest news from greece. the leaders still think it will be disastrous if increase leaves. but all this never-ending drama and political uncertainty is starting to feel pretty disastrous as well. the focus has shifted from trying to control what happens in athens to try to contain it. the europeans had hoped china
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would help them leave of the rescue fund for countries caught in the fallout, but chinese officials say that europe has to sort itself out first. the british say that new money for the imf is likely, but it can only be for the -- can't only be for the eurozone. >> what we would not support is the imf investing directly in some euro bailout fund. we won't back it. >> the central bank offered some help to europe's faltering recovery today. but the new president had little time for the idea that the ec might save the euro - - ecb might save the euro. >> it is not in the treaty. i have nothing to add to that. it is not in the treaty.
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on the second question -- actually, i have a question for you. what makes you think that to become the lender of last resort for government is what you need together?e eurozone >> that might go out and history as a country for the first time publicly contemplates leaving the bureau -- euro. >> we have breaking news coming through now, an accident at a coal mine in central china has killed four people and attract 57 on the ground. the incident happened in this city of 2 million people. there were working in the shaft and 40 of them escaped. it is a major enterprise in hunan province. i believe you have got more on a
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betting scam that cost three cricketeers their jobs? >> the four part time internationals, they and their agents on out in prison. he were sentenced in london last year. the former captain and the rest were all convicted on wednesday. it is the first time in half a century for a sportsman being jailed for cheating. >> the first in a series that have landed from pakistan's best known cricketers in jail. today, the players pay the price for their corruption.
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sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. the judge says he was the orchestrator of the plot. one of the world's best, he got one year. the judge said it was hard to see how his plan had been an isolated occurrence. and the 19-year-old, the young star on the international cricket, six months for him because he pleaded guilty. described as impressionable and uneducated. >> brought down by their agents that told an undercover reporter when they would be bowled. he admitted during the sentencing that he passed on half of the money given to him by the news of the world for their employers -- players for their involvement.
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this was the venue where the noble traditions of the game held most of the year. pakistan, it might be the greatest ramifications. nowhere were the sentence is watched more closely than in his home. his mother wept as she tried to get more details and her son that little more than a year ago looked to have a golden future would have to head the jail. >> he was innocent and what has happened to have huron. he was forced to throw the no- balls. >> pakistan were playing today. many within the game believe that the governing bodies need to do more. >> the fact that the newspaper has provided the main body of the evidence does as the
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question, can the icc leave it to newspapers into the media to do what they probably need to be doing themselves? >> the judge says the prison sentences were a necessary deterrent. they now know what can happen if you cheat. goshawk still to come -- and >> still to come, the trial of the man accused of killing michael jackson reaches its final stages and loss angeles. >> and we have a special report from pakistan of the youngsters being filled by the system. >> anti-capitalistic protestors were camped out in central london and are considering a deal that would allow them to stay until the new year. it would be reducing the number
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of tents to allow clear access to the cathedral. from demonstrators the businesses affected by the ongoing protests. >> we don't want a knee-jerk reaction to this, it is possibly the most important decision we make. >> this is how democracy works. they are debating whether or not to accept the offer tuesday into the new year. their lawyers have advised them is more of a cut of achieved through legal means. either way, they have until next week to work out a position. the consensus was to reject any offer of a deadline. >> we have consensus on the fact -- and nobody will be able to say we are leaving in the next few weeks. >> passing through, and the debate is raging on whether or not to stay until the new year.
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it is a ghost town here. >> it is usually december, the busiest time of the year. everyone is going to christmas parties.[unintelligible] real-time being, it is not clear when they will leave. -- >> for the time being, it is not clear when they will stay or leave. >> just a few months after a public row between the two, they accused the vatican of undermining their authority in the investigation of sexual abuse by catholic priests. they say it is just a way of closure by saving money. >> this is newsday on the bbc.
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>> these are the headlines. >> agrees could have a new coalition government to see it through the belau crisis. >> the d -- a d d-20 summit has leaders focused on the economy. >> let's get more of our top story and how asian markets are reacting. joining me now is the asian economic editor for the economist. asian markets are rising, relief being abandoned. what kind of predicament does this leave greece in now? >> it may have several effects. the only thing it has achieved is to make it clear that you can't be for the euro, against the various packages to try to keep greece in the zone.
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you see an opposition party rally to the side of the government have said they will support the bailout package. it has a clarify the fact that the cost of great uncertainty in the gyrations in the market. >> the argument being made that what is happening in greece now as having a disastrous impact as the potential repercussions of them leaving, what is the lesser evil? >> i think it is quite an interesting question. typically, you do see the evaluation and countries exporting their way out of trouble. that is an option, given sort of the commitment they have made. i think it agrees should stay. i think the members should do more to help growth, insisting
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less on austerity end requiring an orderly restructuring of the debt. and placing a fire wall around greece so it doesn't affect the rest of the eurozone. all of the debt we are talking about is in theuros. they can print and limited the amount, there is no technical reason why europe can't put a floor under this problem. the problem is the political calculations involved. >> you save the eu needs to put a floor of this problem -- you say the eu needs to put a floor under this problem. >> the euro has dipped on uncertainties, but it has remained quite resilient.
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people were investing in germany and the stronger economies to whether this whole crisis -- weather this whole crisis. what we have seen, really, is for the first time, european governments concentrating -- >> i am afraid i will have to interject at stop you there, unfortunately we have run out of time. over to you, it looks like the move for a peaceful solution were a bit short lived. >> syrian tanks have bombarded the city killing at least 20 people, according to activists that say they film to the assaults. the attack comes just a day after thearab leagu -- the arab league agreed to end months of the bloodshed. >> what kind of peace is this?
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skeptics say that the intentions gave them plenty of reasons to doubt today. the voice of this video says that government takes on shelling a hotbed of protests. perhaps it is too soon to expect the violence to stop. this is not an encouraging start to the deal with more than 20 dead in the last 24 hours. the world is waiting to see if president assad and honor the one that he just made with his neighbors. >> we will appeal to the president of syria on this future course of action. we must implement this agreement before it is too late.
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>> those or making the same plea, asking the opposition to cooperate with this deal. >> we in the national initiative: the authorities to follow through with their commitment to solve the crisis. we also call on all parties to work together to make this agreement a success. >> this deal will be a big test for the organization usually dismissed as an impotent talking shop. they must rise to the challenge of modern -- why the terrain the deal. it will also be a difficult challenge for the opposition. most have ruled out negotiations with the president. after so much bloodshed, they insist he must go. the talks proposed could cause further splits. bbc news, as campbell.
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>> the trial of the man accused of killing michael jackson is in the final stages in loss angeles. -- los angeles. he denies he injected the singer with a fatal dose of anesthetic. it is up to the jury, what were the main points? >> the prosecution have really stepped to the story -- the stock to the story that dr. responsible for his death because he gave him a lethal dose of powerful anesthetic. they say he made a string of mistakes. they shouldn't have it in his bedroom or whether michael jackson was able to inject himself, you can't have it in the same room with someone who is known to have problems in the
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past. he did not tell the paramedics and he did not tell the hospital staff in the emergency room the full details. the defense says that michael jackson gave himself had those and that there was a syringe in the room that the doctor had previously used and he somehow did manage to wake up itself inject that lethal dose. -- and self-inject the lethal dose. >> michael jackson had a history of injecting himself? if he had done it before, maybe that would be believable. >> michael jackson had quite a deep understanding of these additives, -- sedatives. he seemed to understand that it would put him out straight away. that was the kind of a sedative
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that he wanted. certainly, the defense managed to create an argument where there was a window of possibility that michael jackson could have done this to himself. >> you have details of the growing problem of youth crime in pakistan's largest city. >> young boys find it too easy to steal mobile phones or even just for the thrill of it. for jail, it is harder to get them back into the mainstream. failing you -- it is part of the failing youth series. the scourge of the biker boys. >> day cruise the city in packs and pro for entertainment. they are the kings of the markets. these boys are not always of the
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right side of the law. these gangs are blamed for thefts. >> some boys came to us on bikes. i was sitting with my friend. then they took our mobiles. >> i was going home, for boys approached me and asked me for my mobile. they had drunk a lot and i gave them my phone. they took my wallet and my phone and they beat me out. -- beat me up. >> more than 20,000 phones are stolen at gunpoint a year. most are never caught. but the gang leader was after an attempted house robbery. he has been to jail before of eight counts of robbery in the mobile phones snatching -- and mobile phone snatching.
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snatchers often become habit to criminals. >> if i leave my post as a police officer, there is no doubt about the fact that the causes of the lot of unemployment. it is like quicksand, those that get trapped inside can never escape. this month started ceiling still funds -- bunch started stealing cellphones. the lesser offenses that lead to something bigger. also for criminals. >> you have been watching news day. >> thank you very much for your company.
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